Myproteins Yoga Ball - 65Cm

25% nuolaida viskam + gaukite CLA (60 kapsulių) dovanų!

25% nuolaida viskam + gaukite CLA (60 kapsulių) dovanų!

Gaukite 25% nuolaidą viskam panaudoję kodą: LT25

Taip pat, CLA (90 kapsulių) dovanų kai perkate už 60€ ar daugiau! 

Pasiūlymas galioja ribotą laiką. Tik vienas nuolaidos kodas gali būti naudojamas vienam užsakymui. Galite pateikti daugiau nei vieną užsakymą.

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Product Specification

For a superb addition to your everyday gym and home workouts, challenge yourself with Myprotein’s Yoga Ball. This Inflatable ball is perfect for performing a catalogue of exercises targeting strength, core muscle groups, co-ordination and balance. All of these physical components are pivotal towards performing and staying injury-free in your chosen sport.

Special Features

- 65cm in height so it can be stored easily in your bedroom or car boot

- Branded with the Myprotein logo

- Safe, durable and easy to use

Best for

  • Developing overall strength and muscular endurance
  • Developing overall co-ordination and proprioception
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • Yoga aerobic exercises
  • Circuit training

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Myproteins Yoga Ball - 65Cm

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Myproteins Yoga Ball - 65Cm