Myprotein Men's Classic Slimmer Belt

-33% viskam | kodas: LT33 + plaktuvas dovanų!

-33% viskam | kodas: LT33 + plaktuvas dovanų!

33% nuolaida viskam! Naudokite kodą: LT33
Taip pat, gaukite Myprotein plaktuvą dovanų kai perkate už 70€ ar daugiau...
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Product Specification

Myproteins Men’s Classic Slimmer Belt is the latest addition to our ever-growing exclusive gym accessory range to help you reach those all important goals. Specifically designed to accelerate the benefits of your regular workouts, this neoprene foam Slimmer Belt fits securely around your waste to retain moist warmth as you train, shedding excess water to support weight loss. Branded with the Myprotein logo, this belt is superb value for money to kick-start your aerobic conditioning.

Special Features

- Soft durable neoprene foam

- Hand washable

- Branded with the Myprotein logo

- Easily fits into your gym bag for everyday use

Best for

  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Flattening and toning Abs
  • Back support
  • All training abilities from beginners to elites

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Myprotein Men's Classic Slimmer Belt

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Myprotein Men's Classic Slimmer Belt
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