Active Women's Weight Loss Bundle

The complete package to support all weight-loss goals

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Whether you’re striving to attain your ideal body shape, trying to shed a jean size or simply following a new lifestyle regime to boost your health, Myprotein’s Active Women products are specially formulated to offer you the support you need to achieve your weight loss goals.  

What is included in ACTIVE WOMEN Weight Loss Bundle?

1. Active Women Diet Blend ™ (500g – please select your preferred flavour)

We recommend: Consuming 1 scoop (25g) with 200-300ml of milk or water 30 minutes pre/post workout, or anytime throughout the day.

  • High in protein to support the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass
  • Contains Acetyl L Carnitine

2. Active Women Protein Dessert ™ (1kg – Velvet Vanilla flavour)

We recommend: Consume 1x 32g serving as a low calorie, sugar alternative to traditional desserts or at any time during the day to boost protein intake and curb cravings.  

  • Contains 15g protein per serving helping to satisfy your appetite
  • Added probiotic - good bacteria that are naturally found in your body
  • Added Choline – contributes to normal lipid metabolism which will support weight-loss goals

3. Active Women Diet Capsules (60 Caps)

We recommend: Taking 2 capsules daily. 1 capsule shortly after breakfast and 1 capsule after lunch.

  • Fast acting formula containing research-driven vitamins and minerals
  • Added Kola Nut can help support slimming and contributes to body weight control
  • Including the B Vitamin Niacin which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and normal energy-yielding metabolism

4. Active Women Coconut & Collagen (60 Caps)

We recommend: Taking 2 capsules daily.

  • Contains 500mg of coconut oil
  • Contains 500mg of collagen, the body’s main protein source for connective tissue

5. Active Woman Multi-Vitamin (120 tablets)

We recommend: Consume 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening with food.

  • Active Woman is a comprehensive multi-vitamin designed to offer natural support for a healthy lifestyle
  • Daily Vitamin containing essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D, Folic Acid and Calcium
  • Calcium – contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism, muscle function, and bone maintenance

6. Myprotein Active Women’s Mini Blender Bottle (500ml)

  • Use to ensure your powdered supplements taste smooth, delicious and lump-free
  • Can be used to keep you hydrated during the gym, at work and on your travels

7. Gym Bag (20 litre capacity)

  • Durable canvas fabric with a detachable shoulder strap and exterior zip
  • Can be used to carry all your active wear and accessories   

8. EXCLUSIVE FREE GIFT – Vanilla flavoured Sugar-Free Syrup (400ml)

We recommend: The perfect option for topping your favourite dessert, pancakes or porridge.

  • Delicious, guilt-free syrups with zero sugar or fat and less than 1 calorie per serving
  • Maintain your motivation to achieve your goals with a well-earned rich reward that ticks all the right boxes.

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  • Perfect bundle for all weight-loss goals
  • Contains a host of ground-breaking products
  • Excellent value for money

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Active Women's Weight Loss Bundle

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Active Women's Weight Loss Bundle
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